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2012 Book challenge

Hi, I’m lazy, and rather than explain the entire gist of this blog, I can just refer to the fact that I’m not a real whore, I just pretend to be one on here with regards to books.  

Yesterday I accepted a book challenge, and what better place to record the books I’ve read, along with the required reviews, than over here at a Book Whore blog.

Insatiable Book Sluts has a challenge going on and in order for my entry to be valid I have to record what I read somewhere public and review the books as well.  Some people give book ratings stars, or hearts, or bookmarks, but since I’m a whore I’m going to give it … wait for it … G-String Dollars.  It was either that or STDs and that is just too rude to give away so, dollars it is!  Ratings will be out of 10, and occasionally there will be an 11 or a -2 if I so feel like it.  If a book garners superior ratings they may even get a Free Quickie as an added bonus.

Jeebus I’m sick.

Ok, recap.  I’ve entered into a challenge as a Book Sluttian.  I’m going to read books till I spit.  I will record books here.  I will win challenge, pummelling competition.

Or I’ll just get to read a lot.


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