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The Help by Kathryn Stockett – #1

My first book challenge accomplishment I’ve read this year is The Help, by Kathryn Stockett.  Truthfully it’s not perfectly inside the rules of the Sluttian challenge as I did start it a few days before 2012 started.  So in an effort to be fair, I’ve calculated specifically the amount of pages I read in 2012.

Screw that, I’m totally kidding.  But I will only claim half of the pages of the book.  Confused?  Yeah, I was half asleep when I first posted and didn’t really explain the challenge much.  The challenge is not just the number of books, but number of pages as well.  So The Help in the regular paperback edition is 528 pages.  I will only count about 250 pages towards my challenge goal of 40 000 pages. (Yeah, I’m sick, but I love books).  These books can only be newly read and must be reviewed.

Hence this post.

The setting of the book is in 1960s Mississippi, way down deep South.  Just by the title you can get the gist that it surrounds the help, which in those days was poor, black, often single, women, who raised the white babies of the community only to be treated like diseased creatures as they outgrew the nanny.  The viewpoint is from many in the book, but only from those on the help side, including one white woman.  Said woman bonds with the maids of the area with no knowledge of what their efforts will bring, but also a distinctly fervent fear of someone finding out about it.

I don’t want to give anything of the book away, because I hate reading book reviews that go into too much detail of what the book is about.

The book actually started out slow for me.  I can’t pinpoint it, but maybe it was the writing style specifically for one of the characters.  The author wrote in a very Southern dialect for some and it slowed me a bit and I found the initial chapters a bit …. well, not boring, but a bit blah.  It picked up rather quick as you got into what the main characters were up to and by the end I was reading at 2:30 in the morning just to finish it.  Not out of being in a rush, but I could stop without finding out what happened.

I liked it.  I would recommend it to others, so it gets higher tips for that, but the slow start and the not-perfectly-nice ending that I hoped for brought down the cash it’d bring in at the cheesy  motel on the side of the road.

So, I’d give it:  7 G-String dollars.  It’s on it’s way too a full fledged whore, but not all the way there.

I’d be interested in seeing the movie, but after reading the book and knowing most movies from books get a serious downgrade I’ll wait for the library to get it.


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