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Always Looking Up by Michael J. Fox

Parkinson’s kills. There is doubt among many whether guns kill, or speed kills when both are actually a direct result of human stupidity, but there is no doubt that Parkinson’s kills.

Yet you read a book like Mr. Fox’s and it comes as a surprise that he has lived through this disease for a wonderfully long time. His poignant details create vivid images and flashes of the vibrating, uncontrolled life he lives. I now know 2 people with this awful disease and all I could do was think of the fate my friends have been handed without the extra cash Mr. Fox has to help them along.

Obviously any reader can get the gist of this book by the just-slightly-more-wrinkled-image resembling a beloved character of the 80s on the front. It’s about his life. But since this is his second book since he was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the ripe age of 29, you get the idea that it is to be another chronologically ordered page turner. Thankfully I was delightfully surprised at the layout from chapter to chapter, even page by page. Occasionally you flipped back and forth between the two decades or even a few days previous, but without the confusion that can occur.

Jeebus, I’m almost sounding like a legitimate book critic here. I must say ass just to diffuse the seriousness of this post.


Much better.

I think I also liked it because he didn’t just use the book as a means of pushing his foundation and ways to donate to it. We all get lambasted with charities and foundation’s pleas and it was a nice change to just read about the facts of his foundations and its focus without the normal begging involved.

Now to the nitty gritties. This is a book I would recommend, not only for my admiration of the courage of the author but so the rest of us shmucks to not only gain some respect of the violation of the disease itself but to straighten up our perceptions of the guy looking drunk walking down the street. Dude may suffer from Parkinson’s for all we know, but with us so quick to judge the perceived intoxication we miss the truth of this often closeted disease. This book can help bring it out in the open and garner some respect for the courageous souls, like Mr. Fox, who will spend the rest of their lives happy to have the ability to get out of bed.

Now for the final vote, or whatever.  For 288 pages of an interesting read, I’d give it 9 G-String dollars. I give it such high juice because I find it to be a necessary book to pass on.  It isn’t just about reading a famous person’ book at this point, although he writes well and comes across as an interesting guy, it is more than that.  Just like this book was more than just another celebrity looking to cash in on the book-bio phenomenon, I too think of my choice to pass this book on as a good read not only for the sake of good entertainment, but necessary re-education.


Jeebus, I’ve got to quit getting so serious.

M’Kay.  Go, read the book, I’d even recommend buying it, even if your mom owns it and you’re thinking of borrowing it from her (hey mom, thanks for the lend).


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One thought on “Always Looking Up by Michael J. Fox

  1. Aka Mom on said:

    Loved the book, always like the man. But now Micheal J. Fox is a man I would like to meet, he has such a great sense of humour, courage, huge compassion. I felt honoured to be given a glimpse of his life and thoughts. Also you should know that there are very few famous people that I would like to meet.
    Your welcome for the lend

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