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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline #4

374 pages of pure awesomeness.

Whoa, wait, I’m getting ahead of myself here.  Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, the author’s first and only book so far, is a geek’s book for sure.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a true comicon geek or just a regular geek reader, knower of geek things like me (although I am looking into the Comicon scheduled for Calgary because the TNG group is supposed to be there), this book is entertaining, well written and a basically excellent story.  Also, if you’re an 80s child and a non-geek, I’d still recommend the book as well because of his insane knowledge of all things 80s, not just video games, is impressive and nostalgic.

The main character comes across well and is highly believable.  What’s strange is I don’t remember him being described well, physically that is.  Much like Dean Koontz’ Odd Thomas, there’s no mirror trick to get you to visualize the main guy, just a few blips here and there to help you get a small picture.  Yet he’s formed perfectly in my mind.  He’s relatable, but not too loveable as to be unbelievable.

The story of the book nestles around a pretty damn bleak future, which then has the chance for redemption for just one person who can win this contest, that was left in the will of a famous, and beloved, computer geek, much like Steve Jobs (not like Bill Gates).  The contest winner will be set for life, and will have the ability to change the world if only he could decipher the clues that lead him to the end.  A lot of surprises thrown in along the way, and I do have a favourite one toward the end that I won’t reveal, and plenty of action kept me reading (1 surprise I’ll reveal just because it cracked me up – Wil Wheaton is a big dude in the book – not president but something more important, which is awesome!!).

Now for the juicy part. I’m not truly a picky reader, I’m a whore after all, I’ll do anything. But I am critical of books.  I want something somewhat easy to get into, not necessarily easy to read, but immersing myself into a book must occur or I won’t give it good marks nor recommend it.  I easily devoured this book, and sunk myself into the story and have no troubles giving this book a whopping giant 10 G-String dollars. It wasn’t that I couldn’t find anything wrong with it, it was that I didn’t care, I loved the story too much.  This baby would hustle up some big coin from sniffer’s row.

Geez I’m a pig.

I definitely recommend this book.   Hell, I’m thinking of even buying the damn thing and I don’t buy books easily.  Definitely pick this book up. Go, now, seriously, stop reading and click over to the amazon link and put it in your cart (or the Chapter’s one I provided on the word “One” of the title – Chapters has much better shipping than Amazon as they choose regular post and it gets put in your mailbox or on hold at the post office if you’re like me and order many books. Amazon only seems to use UPS who drop the stuff at your door and take off, not ringing the door bell to let you know you have a package as they don’t care if it’s you that grabs the package or some shmucky walking down the street, and this is regardless of the value of the package – $25 worth of replaceable books or $300 game systems. Just because Amazon is cheaper definitely doesn’t make them better in my books.).  Make sure to put enough books in to make the shipping free.


Side note: His website is freaking awesome too, you should check that out after you order the book.  When the book comes, check out the picture he has of himself inside the back cover. Can’t you just die? Dude has a DELOREAN!


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