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The Blue Girl by Charles De Lint #9

This is a 384 page YA (young adult) book that I nabbed on the way through my library toward the kid’s section, where my son picks out his Thomas the Train books again. I didn’t have any idea what it was going to be about, or even what genre it fell into as I was mostly intrigued by the cover and semi-bland title. Maybe ‘bland’ isn’t the right word, but more generic than many books out there.

So I picked it up without any previous bias or preformed ideas on it and was pleasantly surprised.  You see, when I pick up a book based on its cover I’m often wrong, or horribly disappointed.  This book didn’t disappoint me.  YA books pique my interest quite often, not only because I have pre-teens expanding their reading horizons (turning them into mini-book whores for certain!), but because I am eternally immature. Seriously. Farts still make me laugh until I almost puke, I squeal out loud if I’m significantly pleased about something – even in public – and will dye portions of my hair blue just because it sounds fun. I’m immature and like it and will often gravitate toward the YA books over strictly adult fiction (perhaps this is why I’m one of the few adult that really like Twilight).

The Blue Girl by Charles De Lint didn’t disappoint me. It is a very simple story line, which is perfectly fine by me, and he weaves a tale around a strong young girl and her story in a fantastical world, which always gets my vote. Even as a male writer he does a pretty good job of helping us ignore the fact that he doesn’t have a vagina and he gets girl things right. An extremely easy read though and I think it comes across as almost too easy for the aimed audience. A writer has to be extremely careful when writing specifically for the age group that he did. You cannot even remotely hint at talking down towards the group, or dumbing down things, nor can you weave the story so its unintelligible. There was no surprises in this book, but it was still a decent read.

For the down and dirty, this book would earn 7 G-String dollars from this whore. It’d be something I’d possibly purchase for my kids to read as a fun, whip-through type book. I’m likely to check out his other works based on the nice read this one was.


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One thought on “The Blue Girl by Charles De Lint #9

  1. Sue Bee on said:

    You are not immature, you forever youthful and young thinking. ;). I hope I have always taught you and the Grandkids…growing up is for the birds. It sucks. Stay a kid for all your life, then when your eighty and still laughing at farts( if you can hear them) .’they’ will say your senile. That sounds fun to me cause you’ll be able to get away with silly behaviour and no one will have huge expectations of you. Kids books rock! Youth books Rock!

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