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Blue bloods by Melissa De la Cruz #10

You could probably say I’m fairly into vampire books I guess by the quantity I’ve read so far.  I don’t know if it’s that I’m into them or they are produced in such sheer amounts that I’m sort of stuck reading them. I’m all for it, sure, but they better be good.

Blue Bloods by Melissa De la Cruz isn’t one of them.  The good ones I mean.  Sure, it’s 320 pages of interesting reading, but I’m like many people who see too many rich people in books and roll my eyes. Oh poor rich girl fell in love with a vampire and almost DIED. Yeah, it’s a prejudice I guess, not necessarily against rich people, but reading about how bad they have it in a book that points out often how good they have it just turns me off.

I will most definitely give it some whore cash just based on the fact that the vampire stories were different. I like different. I prefer writers not try to ride off the coat tails of another rider’s success so the moment I smell another sparkly vampire I’d close the book and give it a big whipping with a wet bookmark and no whore money.

So, the story. Well, the story revolves around a group really, vampires (surprise!), but more particularly one, of course, special girl, who’s surprised to learn of her future. There of course is turmoil, mystery and sex (not explicit, but close). Like I said, the story is interesting enough, but I think the prestigious rich kids threw me off of it being so great.  I’m not sure. I did enjoy it, and would probably recommend it to the younger crowd, but am I likely to move on to the seemingly copious sequels? Nope, not in a rush to.

Here it is. This book would earn 4.5 G-String dollars from me. Seems a strange amount, I know, but that’s me.


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