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Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor #11

Oh, a YA I can sink my teeth into (grammar note, should I have written “an YA” instead? hmmm).  Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor‘s 418 pages grabbed my attention in one of those ‘look at me’ spots in my library. My reading stack was only 6 deep so I thought, HEY, why not pile one more on top. I was really glad I grabbed this one. I love fantasy tales such as this that grab your attention, make it interesting but are also clear on what’s going on.  Nothing’s more frustrating while reading a fantasy book to not know what things are because it’s made up and the author didn’t explain it.

I noticed at the point of reading this book that I keep gravitating toward the female protagonist lately. I don’t even mean to, it just happens. Of course there was no hint or anything in the title right? … shit.

How can I tell about this story without giving it away? It’s obviously about a daughter, but a strange daughter, and I don’t mean her parents are at their wit’s end with her kind of crap, more like her parent, and her life, are very strange. Atypical you would say. Her story begins as any other young, teenage girl with an introduction to her best friend and her ex-boyfriend turned nude model in her art class in the middle of Prague. Yeah, typical late teen stuff. So yeah, it grabbed me pretty quick and made me laugh. I cringed slightly at the stalker’ish things happening because I don’t like those topics being made light of, or ignored, but thankfully that line of the story is rebuffed rather quickly. Then you get to meet her family and that’s when you get really sucked in.

I never like to give out anything of the story, which probably doesn’t help promote the book, but I don’t like to give anything away. I don’t want readers to pick up this book and already know the gist of the story, I like the surprise of it all. It is a great fantasy book and I’ll have to really look on Laini’s blog linked above to see if sequel’s have been started or not. By the way, not only would I recommend this book, but also to check out her website. Girl has vibrant pink hair and the website is a blog on I like the seeming availability of an author if their website isn’t just a giant publisher’s advertising gig with a small blip about this book followed by 15 other books they’d recommend from their vaults. Give me access, real access, even if it’s imaginary on my end, to an author, their works and their ideas and I’m likely to be a follower in the future.

Alright, so for the whoreness of this book, I’d give it a whopping 8 G-String dollars. Occasionally I’d find a part that wasn’t clear to me and I had to reread it, but it’s still a really good read and I’d highly recommend it.


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