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God is not great: how religion poisons everything by Christopher Hitchens #18

I’m sure my in-laws are gasping that I’d even read a book with such a title, but I love reading what everyone has to say on religion. I agreed with a huge amount of what Mr. Hitchens wrote, so it seems it really was a good read.

God is not Great is 320 pages and holy crap was it chock full of information. Almost too much information actually, but still good. I found myself nodding and actually exclaiming how right he was out loud. I’m sure my dh thought I was nuts.

Have I mentioned he’s a deacon in the Catholic church? Yeah. Made for great discussions in our house (no really, it did!).

I picked up this book upon request from another library because it was recommended by someone. Not directly to me, but I spotted that it had been read by someone I obviously admire, and it’s been too many sleeps since it then so I don’t remember who. Doesn’t really matter (I know, why mention it then, right?) but the title is what caught my attention. I was trying to understand what he meant in his title and got a mind-full when I read it. I cannot begin to break down how much knowledge is in there, and how much my interest was piqued by the Christianity information alone. I thought I should possibly start writing things down so I could research further, but subsequently lost that thought and only remembered just now that I was going to do that.

This is how I roll I guess.

I did have issues with how the chapters were organized and his writing style is very difficult to keep up with. If you are at all easily distracted this is not a book I would recommend as it took a lot of concentration to keep up with how he bounced around from topic to topic, even from paragraph to paragraph. Very scattered thoughts throughout and I can’t help but think this book would’ve gone further, or more people would read it (or keep reading it) had his thoughts been more organized and concise.

I’d highly recommend this book for people of above average reading skills and vocabulary and with the desire to accept the challenge to their faith, for those of faith, and the validation for those with no beliefs (or belief that there is no god). Oh my GOD that was a horrible sentence, I must be taking a page from the author’s book. What I mean is this: 1) you need to understand big words 2) read very well, 3) you must be willing to have your faith challenged if you have one, and 4) you can have your lack of belief in anything/religion or atheism be validated. Be prepared for a smidgen of disdain within the pages if you are Christian as he seems to have more against that religion than any other.

I’d give it 6 G-String dollars for sure. The reason for the lower marks is due to the scattered writing. It’s a peeve of mine to have unorganized thoughts throughout a chapter. If you need more chapters, make more chapters, don’t just throw everything and anything within a chapter where it doesn’t seem to belong. However, most of this is moot as this is another author who has died and unless by some miracle, is unlikely to fix this book or write any others.


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