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The Woman Who Can’t Forget by Jill Price #16

Another biography down, one that read more like a really super long magazine article, but I digress (saw that description on Goodreads by a reviewer and it was a perfect description).

The Woman Who Can’t Forget is a book I nabbed at the library, like the other bazillionty books I get year by year, because it sat on a shelf and the title grabbed my eye. I was intrigued by the idea that a person couldn’t forget.  What I assumed was that she couldn’t forget anything, not be deluged by her personal memories day-by-day for 263 pages.

I was so freakin’ bored with this book’s monotony I almost put it down, almost. This has been part of my challenge this year, to stop putting books down because they don’t get interesting right off the bat. I did that for the Hunger Games and now that I want to give it a second go I either have to buy the set, wait for my mother to give in and borrow it off of her, or put myself on the list of four.hundred.people that want to read it. Yes, four HUNDRED. Sorry, shouted there for a second.

So back to this book. This is a book that should’ve been a magazine article, or something much much smaller. She whined through most of it about how hard her life is, because her mind is obsessive in its memory of her life. Yes, we get that it’s hard, I can’t imagine the daily struggle she endures to live in the now. But stop with the blah blah blah. There was 263 pages of telling us how hard her life was and with superb details of events that no one but her cares about or remembers with such excruciating clarity. I imagine if she read this review, she’d be hurt, because I also found her to be very me me me, everything was about ‘me’ and poor reviews are an attack on ME! But no, she’s just not a great writer, and I found her story boring.

So, this’ll be a first for me. I would not recommend this book at all. It gives no ‘aha’ information about regular memory, nor is it even interesting enough to grab at the library. Maybe the most remarkable memory to science, but is highly forgettable for me. This book would get booed off stage, and receives 0 G-String dollars from me.


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