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Two for the dough by Janet Evanovich #20

What a shmuck I am. Part of my challenge this year was to read books I haven’t read before. I had picked up One for the Money by Janet Evanovich before, but I thought I put that one down in boredom. I grabbed it again fully expecting to find the point where I stopped reading before only to find that I have read the entire thing. A WHOLE BOOK WASTED on rereading when it didn’t stick with me the first time around. It was the second one I put down in boredom before. *sigh*

I just don’t know that I’ll pick up the 3rd one. Seriously, this became a story that I found so-so and blah and repetitive. Oh look, she’s in her car again driving to a slimy bastard’s house/place of work/fill in the blank with whatever idiotic place to go. Oh, and again, someone has shot at her, or oh, how original, a big guy has pushed her around and she fought back because she was just that angry that she could take on a 250 lb muscle-bound psychotic.

Yeah, okay, totally believable.

My mom recommended the books for the light, fluffy hilarity as a good, non-thinking read. Oh boy did she get that right. It had some funny moments and the imagery was occasionally giggle-worthy, but it really isn’t enough for me to pick up another one of the set. I mean by God there are a freakin’ dozen books or something. How much more of human stupidity could I read?

So this one is obviously not going to get top dollar from me. It isn’t because it was poorly written or that there wasn’t a story, but it was blah to me and highly predictable for a mystery. I don’t like getting to the end of a mystery and going ‘of course it’s them you idiot, you’ve been tailing them and talking about how slimy they were from the beginning, as if you didn’t know’ when the bad guy is revealed.

A measly 4 G-String dollars for 352 pages of fluff, and I gave it higher coin than I normally would because the 90s references and occasional vivid imagery had me smiling. I’d only recommend it for a light read and not as a purchase, but borrow it from your mom who you know has it.


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