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The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson #22

Well, what to say.  Okay, I reviewed the first one with flying colours. The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson is of course a sequel to the first one, The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. I blogged about that one a while back and this book is also another long one, 512 pages to be exact.

This is a kind of book that is hard to review because it is so long, so complicated and anything you say will give things away. There is so much detail in this book that it’s not a wonder why the darn thing counts so high in my Book challenge. I’m supposed to be checking in with my current totals, hence the reason I’m reviewing 2 books in one day, but it’s doubly difficult to review this thing without also giving away the next book, that I’m currently reading.

This started out slow, much like the first one. There wasn’t as many character introductions this time as most of the first book’s character’s came back (SEE, I’m revealing serious plot stuff already … wait …).  This really helped with character confusion that often happens, but I think contributed to the slow start. Of course it picked up after a bit and got interesting.

One thing about these books is the details. Oh my god the details. Seriously, this dude took a page from Jean M. Auel’s Earth’s Children series because DAMN! the man threw in a shitton of details. I gave the first book 10 of my whore dollars because it was riveting (I’ve always wanted to use that cheesy marketing term), but this one wasn’t as much until the end, and then it slightly annoyed me how it ended because then I knew the 3rd book was going to go on with the same damn story line (and it does).

I think because the author died after handing the publisher his manuscripts they didn’t really get to have that author/editor playful banter back and forth to trim shit down. Of course being a bestselling book who am I to critique the wordiness and direction this series seems to go in?

Whatever. It’s still a really good book and if you started the first one and loved it, you’d enjoy this one too, but not on its own. This is a series that has to be read in order or you’d be lost. I won’t give it 10, but I’ll give it 8 G-String dollars and recommend it.


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