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Don’t try to send me erotica. Let me repeat that, don’t try to send me erotica. Ok promoter people? Can you read? If you read all the way down to my oh-so-cleverly hidden email & still want me to review your erotica book, you are an idiot. *ahem*

I prefer a little bit unorthodox system of rating. Rather than stars or bookmarks I chose something more along the lines of me being such a book whore and prefer to rate books according to how many G-String dollars it’d earn on a stripper’s runway. I actually, idiotically, attempted to search for an image for this page and let’s just say you’d be happy to know I (obviously) avoided posting one of those and picked something a lot more G rated (HA!).

I do accept suggestions, in fact I highly recommend it. I don’t like to review books that I’ve already read so am looking for new books if possible. I would accept submissions too, but the idea of putting my address out there isn’t that fun to me, nor will my cheap-ass get a P.O. box as of yet. Plus, the submissions I tend to get for being a book whore are erotica, or just straight porn, and ironically I don’t like those books. If you want me to read erotica, well, just don’t, I won’t do it, it’s just not my thing. I don’t apologize for my up-tightiness about it, I just prefer to DO my own porn rather than read about it. Plus it makes me blush.

Anyway, questions or suggestions, or just down right being mad about a review I did, please email me at immabookwhore at gmail dot com. I will be glad to delete and ignore nasty emails.



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