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My miserable, lonely, lesbian pregnancy by Andrea Askowitz #21

I picked this up because the title got me, as it should. I believe a title is very important, hence why I spend so damn long on my main blog getting the titles written.  241 pages of hilarity. Seriously. My Miserable, Lonely, Lesbian Pregnancy by Andrea Askowitz was funny. Yet real. Not just laughter as she has a warped idea of relationships, especially with an old fling, but she can still laugh at even that.

It revolves around her life of course, but doesn’t just focus on one thing, like her sexuality, or her pregnancy, but each factor feeds the other, does that make sense?

Shit it’s been too long since I published a review because I’m grasping at words.

She’s a lesbian (yes, that’s obvious, shut up), and she so desperately wants to have a baby. Her previous relationship &  partner haunts her, and frankly taunts her, while she’s pregnant. The lady is quite funny while being miserably pregnant.

I enjoyed the book, it read almost as a fictional book occasionally, just very casual, and it flowed well. However (and you knew there would be a bad side), I got so fed up with her pining and whining that I even thought of closing the book part way through. *collective gasp* I know ~hangs head in shame~. But I couldn’t help it. I get the same annoyances with other books, fictional too, where the leader of the pack, the strong person the book is about, keeps lavishing all of their thoughts and dreams and future upon another person that left them. They left you for a reason, this is probably it!


I think the book has more potential, honestly, I really didn’t feel the closure. Like, oh yes, here’s baby, now I’m happy. WTF? Just no. Sorry, that just doesn’t happen. In fact, the arrival of baby will always, ALWAYS, compound the problems you already have, not make them magically better.

I’d recommend it for a light read, but not anything informative (as people tend to go for non-fiction to learn something). I’d only give it 5 G-String dollars. Even though it was so funny at times I almost pee’d a little, I was too put off by her obsession with her old fling. Definitely library worthy.


Specials by Scott Westerfeld #19

Oh man I’m pissed at myself. I picked up this book at my library on a whim of course and just now found out it is the 3rd book in a trilogy.


I’m obsessed with reading books IN ORDER! The book Specials by Scott Westerfeld was just a book I grabbed, so I didn’t even think it had any prequels as my library knows me well enough to know not to place books within my grasp OUT OF ORDER!

Yes, I need to get over it.

That being said, over and over again it seems, I am impressed with how I didn’t superbly need to read them in order. Okay, let me rephrase that. With my obsession I personally need to read them in order and will definitely go back to the beginning and grumble insatiably about how I need to read things in order. However, yous peoples living in my computer don’t necessarily have to read them in order for you to know what’s going on. I did have some trouble at first keeping straight the levels of people between Uglies, Pretties and Specials, etc, but caught on quickly and just kept reading.

The book, yes the book. The book was forgettable. Shoot, that sounds awful, but seriously. It’s been a while since I read it, but I saw the title had been saved as a draft here on my WordPress book whore account and could not for the life of me remember the book. It wasn’t until I logged back into my library account to get the info that I remembered the story.

It’s not that it’s a bad story, in fact it was highly interesting. It just didn’t stick with me. It is a YA book that’s 384 pages long and at no point did I just want to put the book down and be done with it. I also didn’t get obsessed with reading it either.  It’s a good read and I’d recommend you borrow it, possibly a youth reader would get more out of this book than I did. I’d say 5 G-String dollars is all it’d earn. A decent amount by whore standards, but avid readers may not be drawn to it.

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