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Shockaholic by Carrie Fisher – #15

Oh my God someone flog me for not coming here to post all the books I have read. I am so behind it’s not even funny. I’m going to whip through the 6 books I have yet to review rather quickly because I believe Ms. Susie will smack me upside the head with a Twilight fan if I don’t get caught up and kick butt on the Insatiable Book Slut’s 2012 Challenge.


So, where was I….. oh yes, attempting to write a book review on a book I read 2 months ago because I am just.that.lazy. Yeah, that’s it. It’s not that I’m busy or anything, just too lazy to get on this.

Bring on the twilight fan smackage.

Shockaholic was almost exactly how I’d expect it to be. Absolutely strange.  Seriously, I expected that, but only because I had read Wishful Drinking first.  See, there is a benefit to being obsessive about book order, you get to discover someone’s writing style instead of assuming that whatever book I picked up is going to conform to my ideal of what it should be. I think this book earned some poor reviews because people tend to look at writings by famous people and assume it’s going to be a step-by-step biography, the same old system of spilling the beans on a life. Not Shockaholic, that’s for sure. Yes, you did get to find out more about her shock treatment, but it wasn’t central to the story. There was even more back story of her life that wasn’t in the first book.

I can’t even tell you what it’s about as her style of writing is so different from that of any other biography. Hilariously funny (yes, I’m even jumping for the cliched descriptions, that’s how lazy I am today) and she kept me interested the whole way through.

I totally don’t remember what I gave the Wishful Drinking damn thing, but it doesn’t matter, it has no bearing on this one’s whore earnings so I don’t know why I brought it up. More words? Why YES, thank you!

This one would earn 7 G-String dollars, mainly because even though I wasn’t totally expecting a whole lot on the shock therapy, I secretly was solely because of the title. (edited quickly to throw in there was 304 pages).

Oh, and Star Wars freaks will get this:

Recommend this book, I would.


Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher – #14

Often when I pick up a star biography book I’m just looking to look, be curious, or I guess get snoopy about their lives. Of course I do the same thing with non-star biographies too, so it’s not unusual. I cannot, for the life of me, remember where I heard about Carrie Fisher‘s new book.  At the time I just heard about ‘Shockaholic’ and didn’t even think she had written many books before. So I reserved & picked up Shockoholic from the library and just then found out she had a previous book called Wishful Drinking.  Well shitdamn, I can’t read books OUT OF ORDER. That is just …. well wrong.

I breezed through Wishful Drinking quickly because the lending time for the Shockaholic was coming up, and not renewable due to its popularity, but also because it’s easy to read. I tend to go into these type of books with the idea that I’m going to hear about their lives. I wasn’t disappointed with this one, although it did often come across as more strange and flighty than most other bios, it was a nice change actually. In fact I think it’s had relatively poor reviews thus far and I can see why. It doesn’t follow the typical movie star fanfare-type shit that occasionally turns into a poor-me party about how rough their lives are being famous.


Although Carrie Fisher does delve into her childhood being the offspring of very famous people of the time, it’s not in a ‘poor me’ type way. Side note here – I know who her mom is but have no effing clue who Eddie Fisher is, but he sounds like a horrid womanizer and by god was married to Elizabeth Taylor? Okay…

I also found it quite refreshing (I hate the overused term, but it’s fitting here) of how hilarious Ms. Fisher really is. Who the hell knew she was so witty and entertaining?

Here’s the thing. If you’re some dude (ette) thinking you’ve picked up Princess Leia’s biography, you will be in for a horrid surprise.  She doesn’t talk about filming the movie, she doesn’t talk much about Star Wars stuff at all, in fact you almost get the idea that it was just a blip in her life. Hell, she didn’t even want to get into acting!

I liked it, it was a good enough book. Good enough doesn’t get full whore marks or anything, but gets a recommendation for others to find entertainment amongst its pages by borrowing it. So, this bitch brings in 6 G-String dollars for entertainment value. I was put off by the lack of Star Wars stuff considering it’s Princess Leia pictured the front, but was still entertained nonetheless.

Edited: because I forgot to say how many pages it is! How do I win the Insatiable Book Slut‘s Challenge if I don’t keep track?! There’s 176 pages.

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